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General Information
We are using a randomizer. Everyone owning a virtual horse can enter.
Each show has its own thread where everyone can enter themselves. After the shows are closed the results get posted at the end of the thread.

Each show might have additional rules that can be found at the show thread. Horses must be entered according to their suitable disciplines and levels. Each horse may compete at the levels they are trained in.

Entering Information
1.) To enter just post in the show thread that you are entering. Afterwards you must edit the post. Please don't add another one.
2.) Copy the post above yours with all the shows and competitors then edit your post.
3.) Now you can add your own entries to the list in this format:
Horse Name - Stable Name (- Rider's Name if you want/if if necessary)
4.) Submit your edited post. Never edit or delete other people's posts or change their entries in your post.
5.) You did it. You entered

IMPORTANT: After you entered you must not change your post. If you need to do changes just post a placeholder and repeat the process.

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